Fund Facts POS™ Portal simplifies compliance and provides seamless integration for industry stakeholders

Toronto, ON, June 20, 2012 – Today, IFS Global Technologies, innovators in advanced technology and business solutions for the investment fund industry, announced details of the Fund Facts POS™ portal, software that will transform the way the industry does business. Development of the Fund Facts POS™ portal began in response to the changes made by the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA), in which Mutual Funds Manufacturers must create, post and file Fund Facts documents in a simplified short form prospectus and have the new fund facts posted to their website by a particular date.

Fund Facts POS™ portal is a robust, ready-to-implement, turnkey production and distribution system designed so that any fund company, mutual fund dealer or advisor anywhere in Canada, can create, post, file and manage their own Fund Facts documents from a single portal, thus making it fully compliant with CSA mandatory requirements.

“Fund Facts POS™ is designed to create a seamless flow of information between all stakeholders in the industry. They no longer need to navigate through many silos of information but instead can move to a cohesive environment where the technology supports workflow across applications, systems, and data providers,” said Paul Walker, CEO, IFS Global Technologies. “We are confident that our solution will bring elegant organization to the industry so that inefficient processes can be replaced with efficient technology.”

Because Fund Facts POS™ is only part of a larger technology solution for the industry, Paul Walker went on to add, “This portal represents just one module in a series of new investor-advisor driven solutions that are all smartphone- enabled which will be rolled out in the coming months.”

IFS Global Technologies is committed to developing software technology solutions that address the unique business requirements of investors, advisors, fund companies and regulators.

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